Commission Art



Pick a size you want, as well as screenshots from my website or Instagram of the type of art you like. We will have a conversation about what can be created, and before you know it you will have an amazing source of inspiration and energy to bring powerful vibrance to your space everyday.


A world exclusive offering to connect your work to larger themes of the cosmos. This capacity stems from years of study under one of history's greatest astrologers. With this training, I can analyze and articulate the archetypal themes of a particular moment in time (past, present, or future). This would also involve extensive time spent soaking in archetypal themes that have meant a lot to you in a certain area or time of your life by rinsing in films, music, and culture that inspire you. I become a vessel translating the larger forces that have shaped your life or moment into one valence of concretized form. The final result is a one of a kind, cosmically tuned expression of priceless value.

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