Awesome explanation of Social Work vs. Social Entrepreneurship by Andrew Sullivan of the Silver School NYU

Andrew commented on yesterday's post, and had an insightful summary of the differences between the Social Work and Social Entrepreneurship communities' methodology. Since I'm not sure how to expand comments automatically in Word Press quite yet, I thought I'd pull it out of the hidden comments to highlight it:

"The [Stanford Social Innovation Review] suggests that we think of society as a set of constantly shifting but functional equilibriums. That every social sector indeed is in one way or another stable in most circumstances. The work of social workers in this system is to function and work within the rules, regulations and realities of the current equilibriums to better the lives of all involved. Conversely, the role of the social entrepreneur is to shatter these equilibriums with groundbreaking and industry-shifting ideas that function to establish new equilibriums that operate at a higher level and better serve all parties involved."