Fashion and Culture of an American Mall in 1990

Came across this trove of 20 pictures from an American mall in 1990 like a time capsule showing us how culture has progressed. Remember this was the prime of American dominance. The year the Berlin Wall fell.

Notice a society in transition from the rebellious 80s to the yuppie 90s. How clothes used to be layered. The hairstyles (the most glaring). The fashion sense. The length and material of shorts. The leather. The midriffs. The color palette of clothes. The kinds of socks. The colors and patterns. The cut of the jeans. The store fronts. Smoking indoors! Facial hair. Graphic design.

Next time you step in to a mall remember to pay careful attention to the things around you. What you take for granted as eternal is most likely idiosyncratic and will seem extremely strange and dated 20 years from now. The pace of change is speeding up.

Most interesting of all will be to notice the things that do not change...