Abeer Desai’s art is more of a scientific research process into an emerging branch of the Depth Psychology revolution known as Archetypal Cosmology. His work seeks to engage with and clarify cosmic principles that transcend boundaries of civilization, through the arts, sciences, commerce, politics, and beyond. By engaging cosmic principles through artistic practice, Abeer is able to draw into more concrete form some of the most profound underpinnings of human motivation. As opposed to an active director, Abeer’s sees his role as more of a medium for an extant artistic reality to be born through. In this form, Abeer’s art is a prayer to the broader webs of life and meaning from which we emerge, and to which we return.


Online Gallery

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I occasionally take on special commissions from collectors seeking to consecrate a particular moment in their lives in participation with broader cosmic principles. I work with collectors across the world.


Sample of Work in Private Collections