Culture is the Fastest Form of Innovation

Culture is the Fastest Form of Innovation
It is useful to look at material reality in terms of layers of innovation. Innovation is defined as an improvement in the patterns of interaction. Improvement is defined as a greater density of sustainable resources.

Innovation as far as we know can be physics based, chemistry based, or biology based. Since the last 10,000 years there has been a new layer called culture.

Biology cannot leverage culture, but culture does leverage biology. Chemistry cannot leverage biology, but biology does leverage chemistry. Physics cannot leverage chemistry, but chemistry does leverage physics. The emergence and prosperity of new layers of innovation have a requisite stability they require from the layer below. Each layer is subservient in the short term to the layer above it. So when culture changes, it imposes itself on the layers below. When countries go to war they leverage groomed biological, chemical, and physical innovations. So is it when a new company is created.

Physics is the relation of matter to space and time. Chemistry is the relationship between different kinds of matter. Biology is the history of sophisticated, stable chemical reactions. Culture is a by-product of sophisticated biology. The fastest layer of innovation that exists today in terms of time is culture.

Diversity is Strength
Diversity is strength, because it increases the odds of species survival in the face of an unpredictable catastrophe. The more diversity of plants there are in a field, the fewer will succumb to a pest. Diversity also produces mutations which occasionally enhance species survival or replication.

A catastrophe is a comet, a methane leak, a disease, or an imbalanced worldview.

An imbalanced worldview is the most dangerous and powerful, because culture leverages all the layers below it. So to safe guard against an imbalanced worldview, we need a greater diversity of perspectives.

Anything that gets too big starts to get very dangerous, because it needs to spend more resources on maintenance and has fewer to spend on responding to environmental change. This especially applies to political bodies, and maybe also political thought.

Anyways environmental change is constant.

Your Only Choice is Response
Feelings lead to words, and words lead to realities. We cannot help what we feel. Our feelings are thrust upon us. The only choice we have—the only source of innovation—is how we respond to feelings.

Do not impose your worldview on others. Stay fresh to the opportunity of learning from each new perspective about our shared reality.

Gender fluidity means that culture is undergoing further severance from the biological frame to create new possibilities only time will reveal. Severance from attachment is anyways the first waypoint of all religious paths. True spirituality is a return to non-dualism, and to universality. From the human scale, biology must do what it must, but culture is free to choose.

Why do people choose what they choose? Why do people drink Pepsi instead of Coke? Wear torn jeans instead of new?

The Free Market is Beyond Absolute Comprehension
The market provides an option. The market is collective intelligence—the aggregation of individual intelligences that determines which innovations multiply. Individual intelligence cannot be questioned because you will never understand another person’s life completely. It can only be challenged.

The market is democratic ideals applied to money. Tolerance is democratic ideals applied to culture.

Some people spend their life challenging anybody who is different. This includes everybody who is not them. And frequently they are not even accepting of themselves.

Being human means to be in doubt. Having choices means to be in doubt.

Trust the journey of others, and others will trust your journey. Celebrate life, choices, and the beauty around you. It is good for your health. Also, you will become a better person than if you judge others who are trying to be happy. Getting in the way of another’s happiness means that somebody will inevitably do the same to you. In fact, the only reason one recognizes the possibility of denial is because it has occurred in the past to them. We do what we know, and we know what we remember.

Get excited about the new perspective of what it means to be human that is now possible. The world is changing fast, and it is an exciting time to be alive.